bus bike carCurrent Recommendations:

1. Change Sunday service to a modified Saturday service. Use Saturday routes and adjust the schedules for Sunday.

2. Add a bus stop on the 103 Coniston route at the Ontario Northland bus station on Kingsway so a half kilometre walk (with luggage) is not needed to get back to this important transportation hub.

3. Investigate the purchase of bulk monthly passes for large institutions like Health Science North and the taxation centre to encourage staff to take transit and to alleviate parking issues, road congestion and the associated high cost for staff and the city.

4. Change After 10 pm Service to After 11pm Service to ensure employees can get home from work.

5. Ensure transit schedules coincide with the end of Laurentian University classes in the evening so students are not left stranded. Maintain the bus routes and times for students at LU who are still taking exams after the end April.

6. Extend the South Bay Road route to reach the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area summer and winter trails for all Sudburians to use. Pilot project underway!

7. Add a 2:30pm Azilda only bus route to accommodate peak usage.

8. Re-allocate Gas Tax funding so more goes to transit. In 2013, 66% of the reserves of the Gas Tax in Greater Sudbury were being held for road work with only 15% allocated to transit.

9. Use Express buses on routes through major intersections such as Lasalle/Notre Dame, Four Corners, Barrydowne/Lasalle, Health Science North.

10. Allow driver’s license to be used as proof of age for Seniors instead of $6.00 photo ID.

11. Create a $7 day pass.

12. Include a scent-free policy for buses.

13. Ask Sudbury Transit to add our link to their website to be able to find the 4-digit bus ID number.

From Infrastructure Canada:


a) Purpose

Gas Tax Funding will provide Ontario communities with a source of stable, predictable and long-term funding towards Environmentally Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure to help them address their infrastructure needs and meet sustainability objectives.

Gas Tax Funding will be used for investments in:

i) Environmentally Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure (ESMI) Projects
ii) Capacity Building Projects.

b) Outcomes

Gas Tax Funds will support the following environmental objectives:

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Cleaner water
  • Cleaner air

The provincial gas tax program which, by providing Municipalities with a portion of the gas tax for public transportation, assists Municipalities in increasing their transit ridership; increasing the level of accessibility to public transit; supporting reduced commute times and cleaner air; reducing congestion; and assisting municipalities in becoming more self sustaining.”



Recommendations — 2 Comments

  1. Such a great idea about the bus connecting to the Ontario Northland bus! Especially since that is the only bus company that goes to Timmins, and it is sad that there is no connecting local transit.

    • There are some routes that stop close to Ontario Northland but the Coniston bus drives by. Some people have gotten on the bus at the New Sudbury Mall Coniston bus stop and that route does not stop in front of the Northland bus terminal. Easy fix!