Past Recommendations:

In December of 2012, the Friends of Sudbury Transit met with Robert Gauthier, Manager of Transit Operations, to review issues with transit that had been raised by riders.

Following are the recommendations that were presented to Mr. Gauthier, the response to the recommendations, and the current implementation status.

1. Advertise that a passenger can request that a bus driver call ahead to the bus depot if they are going to be slightly late for a transfer.

Response: We will publish how transfers are dealt with and what our process is for late arriving buses.

Current status: Passengers should be able to request a hold on the connecting bus. Ask your bus driver.

2. Advertise the Daycare Transfer along with a short description of what it is, how it is obtained and how to use it.

Response: We have added this to the next print of Transit rider guides. We will also add it to the website. We’re just waiting for the translation at this time.

Current status: Transit guide does now mention how to get back onto the bus with a transfer after going to a daycare to drop off or pick up a child.

3. Advertise the yearly $500 in transit tickets the City makes available to Non-Profit organizations. Also the website could indicate that there is a Federal Tax Credit for Public Transit Passes.

Response: Advertise grant program – This will be reviewed to determine the best course of action. It should likely be treated like all other grants. We must also ensure that it is not always going to the same groups etc.

Current status: No change.

4. Make rider guides available on all buses so customers who don’t travel to the bus depot have access to bus route information.

Response: This would be costly and would likely generate a significant amount of waste. We are currently reviewing different options to provide travel information and schedules.Current status:

No change.

5. Explain the policy for what assistance a bus driver can provide. For instance, clearly state if a bus driver is allowed to leave the bus to help a passenger in need of assistance.

Response: All drivers know what they can and must do in regards to providing assistance. We do not want to create a confrontational environment on the bus. We will review and attempt to create some information on ways to have a “good and enjoyable” trip. This has worked in other cities.

Current status: Guide says not eating, not making loud noises with music players and no foul or inappropriate topics allowed on the bus. Not sure if this is an addition.

6. Have full fare information posted on the bus (on the fare box and on the overhead ad space.)

Response: Fare information is posted on all fareboxes. We will also look at preparing posters for the interior of the bus to promote passes and ride tickets (reduced rate per trip).

Current status: Transit guide says exact fare required but the fare box but does not

7. Allow parents to leave children in strollers on buses instead of holding children in their arms.

Current status: Transit has started a year long pilot project to allow open strollers on buses.


Past Recommendations — 1 Comment

  1. I definitely agree that the fare should be on the fare box, as I don’t always take the bus so I’m not sure how much it is and the rates seem to go up every couple months. I also hope we can somehow get the schedules at the bus stops. It’s so frustrating because I don’t always have a guide with me when I decide I want to take a bus, and sometimes if the wait is another 45 minutes I’d rather take a cab but there is almost no way of knowing. And the number to call hasn’t been much help every time I’ve tried that. The bus they said was supposed to come in half an hour ended up going by 3 minutes after I started walking to my next destination. I guess, that ties in with the better communication issue.