Welcome to Friends of Sudbury Transit,
Les Ami(e)s de Transit Sudbury!


Want better transit? So do we! Join us at transitfriends@hotmail.com.


Google Maps

This is new! Use Google maps to figure out how to get around Sudbury by bus. Just enter where you are and where you want to go and click the bus symbol.

Or use the City’s Trip Planner.

For the most up-to-date transit information, visit the City of Greater Sudbury’s website.


Results from our Transit Survey



Election Information 2018

See what our elected Councillors and Mayor had to say about Sustainable Transportation here.



***Ever wondered what the four digit bus stop identifier number is for a bus stop you were just about to walk to? You can find them now on our Transit Maps page.***

***Also find your closest bus stop using Google maps here.***

***Try the new free mobile app ‘werzmybus’ for iPhones and Androids which gives you up to the minute bus arrival times.

Or use the Android Sudbury Transit app.