Brian Bigger***
Full Sudbury Star article here

“We need to finalize the optimization plan which will provide the best routes for people across Greater Sudbury,” Bigger said in a release. “This is currently being worked on at the city. It needs to be completed as a priority. This will realign the routes to better meet the needs of the community. I will also revisit the use of smaller hubs in areas to increase ridership and convenience… Free rides for seniors during off-peak hours. Handi Transit must also be reviewed.

Ward 1
Mark Signoretti

Ward 2
Michael Vagnini

Ward 3
Gerry Montpellier

Ward 4
Evelyn Dutrisac

Ward 5
Robert Kirwan

I am committed to doing whatever we can to maintain the level of service we already have and perhaps improve on some of the routes, especially in Valley East.

Ward 6
René Lapierre***

We need to make the Sunday schedule finish latter as the last bus to the valley is 4pm and most teens work at the mall until 5 so they now have no ride home

Ward 7
Mike Jakubo***

City must do better on all fronts.  Public transit must remain affordable and available to all residents and can be better promoted through rewarding frequent riders with better discounts and by having more free ride occasions

Ward 8
Al Sizer

Free use of Sudbury Transit for Seniors during non peak hours.

Ward 9
Deb McIntosh***

We will build an effective transit system which will improve access to employment opportunities, community resources, recreational activities and medical care

Ward 10
Fern Cormier***

Sunday transit service in Greater Sudbury needs to improve. Support free ridership for seniors in our community during off peak hours. Would like to see a “park & ride”

Ward 11
Lynne Reynolds

In favour of trial ‘park and ride’ to encourage bus ridership from outlying communities. In favour of promoting increased bus ridership. In favour of Complete Streets and Street Diets policies.

Ward 12
Joscelyne Laundry-Altman

Continue to support sustainable transportation options:better pedestrian accesses, safe bicycle lanes, improved transit service including signage


(*** identifies those who completed our Commuter Challenge)